Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Little Brown Book

Composed by Billy Strayhorn 1942

A beautifully poignant piece by the great jazz composer Billy Strayhorn, performed by two of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. Settle back and enjoy...

Duke Ellington: piano
John Coltrane: tenor saxophone
Aaron Bell: bass
Sam Woodyard: drums

My little brown book,
With its silver binding,
How it keeps reminding me,
Of a memory,
That’s haunting me,

In some quiet nook,
I go through its pages,
And peruse this ageless tale,
Of a love that failed,
To ever become true,

On this page is the date,
Of that fateful night at eight,
When I found you were no longer in love,

After that there’s nothing more,
Just a dark and futile door,
That shuts out the stars above,

In my little book,
I inscribed your heart vow,
But since we’re apart now,
This and that last sweet kiss,
Is all that’s left of you,
Is all that’s left of you…


  1. I can't find a version ANYWHERE that has a vocalist singing the lyrics to this song. do you know of one? I heard this song with vocals on a local radio station recently and I didn't catch his name. Do you know who sings it? or what the version is called that has him?

  2. I know that in 1942 Duke Ellington did record My Little Brown Book with Herb Jeffries singing the lyrics, I haven't found a full length version online yet, but you can buy it from Amazon: (this page includes a short audio sample of Herb Jeffries singing) On YouTube the only vocal version I have found so far is this:


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