Sunday, 12 June 2011

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?

Music by Michael Legrand
Lyrics by Alan Berman and Marilyn Bergman

Songs are interpreted many ways by different artists, but Bill Evans understated approach to "What are you doing the rest of your life?" will always be my favourite.  A reading of the lyrics will show that his cool and quiet style fits marries perfectly with the sentiments expressed in this song. Originally written for the 1969 movie "The Happy Ending", this song was nominated for an Oscar for best original song.  This recording is from a concert that Bill Evans played with his trio and can be found on the album "Autumn Leaves, A Jazz Hour With Bill Evans"

Bill Evans: piano
Marty Morell: drums
Eddie Gomez: bass

What are you doing the rest of your life?
North and south and east and west of your life,
I have only one request of your life,
That you spend it all with me,

All the seasons and the times of your day,
All the nickels and the dimes of your day,
Let the reasons and rhymes of your days,
All begin and end with me,

I want to see your face in every kind of light
In fields of dawn and forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake,
Oh let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make,

Those tomorrows waiting deep in your eyes,
In the world of love you keep in your eyes,
I’ll awaken what’s asleep in your eyes,
It may take a kiss or two,

Through all of my life,
Summer, winter, spring and fall of my life,
All I ever will recall of my life,
Is all of my life with you…


  1. Great song. I like to listen to Jazz while I'm studying, very soothing to me.

  2. Very good, I enjoyed it a lot =)

  3. Kicking back and enjoying life!


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