Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Moonlight In Vermont

Music by Karl Suessdorf 1943
Lyrics by John Blackburn 1943

Bob Ferreira: drums/vocals
Greg Stegeman: trumpet/bass/vocals
Kevin Stout: trombone/vocals
Brian Eichenberger: guitar/piano/vocals

Moonlight in Vermont is notable for having lyrics that don't rhyme, and the lyrics are written in the form of a haiku (three phrases with 5, 7 and 5 syllables) with the exception of the bridge section. Moonlight in Vermont is truly deserving of it's place in the Great American Songbook and as a jazz standard, having been covered many times by different artists, and is considered to be the unofficial state song of Vermont, and often played at Vermont wedding receptions. With it's descriptive lyrics, you could almost imagine the song as a watercolour painting of the landscape of Vermont.

Pennies in a stream,
Falling leaves a sycamore,
Moonlight in Vermont,

Icy finger waves,
Ski trails on a mountain side,
Snowlight in Vermont,

Telegraph cables,
How they sing down the highway,
As they travel each bend in the road,
People who meet in this romantic setting,
They’re so hypnotized by the lovely,

Evening summer breeze,
Warblings of the meadowlark,
Moonlight in Vermont...

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