Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sidney's Soliloquy

By Jimmy Wisner

Mel Torme: vocals
Garry Long: piano
Perry Lind: bass
Benny Barth: drums

A wonderfully melancholy performance of  Sidney's Soliloquy by Mel Torme and the Benny Barth Trio. This song seems to be one of the less performed jazz songs I've heard, but I think it deserves a lot more recognition. The Sidney referred to in the song is Sid Mark, a radio presenter in Philadelpia who has hosted the "Sounds Of Sinatra" show for over 50 years. This recording dates back to the 2nd of May 1964 and was for Ralph Gleason's Jazz Casual TV show.

Listen to,
Sidney's soliloquy,
The most folornful mournful melody you've heard,

If you're blue,
Sample it's remedy,
It takes away the blues and leaves you with a sigh,

Long ago when love was new,
And the love affair was swinging,
It was all that you could do,
To suppress an urge for singing,
Now that love is through,
And your heart beats out of meter,
Don't let yourself become a bore and a drag,

Who can tell,
Maybe this little song,
Will be the panacea that you're looking for,

If you're blue,
Sidney's soliloquy,
Will take away the blues and leave you with a sigh,

Fly away,
Leave your troubles for another day,
And share with me,
A song for Sidney...

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